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Nov 14-19

Tour: 12 Spots

5 Days / 4 Nights


Inn at Death Valley

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1 Group Dinner
4 Continental Brkfst

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3 Dinners
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(Continental Breakfast items always available in Trailer: greek yogurt, cereal, bagels)

The Inn at Death Valley
Death Valley NP
Giant Sand Dunes
Scotty's Castle
Park Map

Inn at Death Valley
Stovepipe Wells

Start / Finish
Death Valley, CA

Las Vegas

Airport Car Rental

Meetup Time:
Sunday 10:00am
The Inn at Death Valley

We can't think of anything to improve the tour, we had a brilliant time! We loved the place, and the cycling and the company and the heat!
- Helen & Pete, Scotland
I don't think the Death Valley tour could have been improved. We had a great time. Thanks again for a wonderful tour!
- Rich and Diane Freggiaro, CA

We were both especially impressed with the way you managed to cater for both our unfit selves and superfit Bob and Cathy without making us feel awkward, or them being frustrated. We've recommended Cycling Escapes to several people already.
- Helen & Pete, Scotland 2009

The ranch steakhouse was GREAT! The service was fast and very friendly, and the food was always very very good. The two hikes Diane and I did with the group were great, a real highlight of off the bike activities.
- Rich Freggiaro 2008

Cindy and I believe Cycling Escapes stands head and shoulders above the competition and we will continue to use Cycling Escapes exclusively.
- Don & Cindy 2008

California Cycling Tours

Death Valley National Park

5 Days 4 Nights • 400 Mi • 18,000' • $3,495.00

Death Valley National Park is famous for striking views, colorful geologic formations, and scenic vistas. On this cycling vacation we'll tour the park by bike, exploring it's scenic roads, rock formations, sand dunes, ghost towns and even castles.

The Historic Inn at Death Valley will be our base camp for the week. We stay 4 nights in the newly remodeled Inn situated around the famed gardens and pool in a natural oasis.

From here we explore all the park has to offer by bicycle, alternating climbing days with flatter routes down the valley. Choose your ride each day, either a short or long route. In five days you'll ride most of the park. We'll also hike a few spectacular trails that must be seen when visiting the area.

This California bicycle tour is the perfect winter and spring get away. Because Death Valley is located below sea level, the winter temperatures are mild, and as a bonus, the roads are practically empty of cars!

2021 Cycling Route
Meet in Death Valley National Park
Hells Gate & Daylight Pass
Ubehebe Crater & Scotty's Castle
Panamint Range
Artists Drive
Depart 12:00 Noon

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Day 1 - Meet in Death Valley, California

Cycling tour California Day 1

Our base camp for the week on this California bicycle tour is the Historic Inn at Death Valley.

We will be staying 4 nights in the newly remodeled Inn situated around the famed gardens and pool in a natural oasis. The Inn Offers guests unprecedented service and luxury in a National Park.

The Tour meets in Death Valley National Park on Sunday at 10:00 am. If you are flying, the closest Airport is Las Vegas. You will need to rent a car at the airport and drive to Death Valley. There are no shuttles. It is about a 2 hour scenic drive.

After introductions and a brief orientation, we will pass out route slips, set up the bikes, and go for an afternoon ride.

Day 1 - Hells Gate & Daylight Pass

Cycling tour California Day 7

All our bike rides begin and end at the Inn at Death Valley. Today we cycle up to Hells Gate & Daylight Pass, a 10-16 mile climb up the east side of the valley. From here we can see all of Death Valley spread out below us, the Sand Dunes to the right, Badwater to the left. This is a preview of the week to come. The big climb is rewarded with a great descent

Fact - In 1929, no rain was recorded in Death Valley, California. From 1931 through 1934, a 40 month period, only 0.64 inches of rain fell.

42-54 miles / 2,800 - 4,800 ft. elevation gain

death valley

Death Valley Cycling Tour Day 2 - Badwater

Cycling tour California Day 3

Where else can you cycle below sea level all day long! We start our cycling vacation with an out and back from Furnace Creek that spends almost the entire ride below sea level. Ride either 89 or 100 miles.

We'll also ride by Devil's Golf Course, which is not actually a golf course at all, but rather an expansive salt field caused by evaporated bodies of water. You can actually see the crystallization process at work as you walk along the surface.

Fact - Badwater Basin, in Death Valley National Park, is the lowest place in North America and one of the lowest places in the world at 282 feet below sea level. The Dead Sea, between Israel and Jordon, is the lowest at 1371 feet below sea level.

60 - 90 miles / 2,500 ft. elevation gain

death valley

Day 3 - Ubehebe Crater & Scotty's Castle

Ubehebe Crater

Ubehebe Crater is a large volcanic crater 600 feet deep and half a mile across formed as recently as 300 years ago. It was created by steam and gas explosions when hot magma rising up from the depths reached ground water.

Death Valley Scotty told everyone he built this castle with the riches made off his secret gold mine. But that wasn't quite the truth! Albert Johnson, a Chicago businessman, built the castle and let his cowboy "mining partner", Scotty, live there as a guest. After lunch we will tour the castle, where guides dressed in period costume show us around.

(NOTE: The Castle is closed until 2022 due to flashflood damage)

57-100 miles / 1,000 - 4,400 ft. elevation gain

death valley

Death Valley Cycling Tour Day 4 - Panamint Range

Hells Gate

Today we ride by the most photographed sand dunes in the world on our way to the west side of the valley. The Panamint Range is home to 11,049' Telescope Peak, but we'll only climb part way up this dramatic landscape. Along the way, Devil's Cornfield is named for the stalks of arroweed plants that seem to sprout straight up from the ground. Like our ride up to Hells Gate, a big climb deserves a big downhill!

Fact - The highest mountain in Death Valley National Park is 11,049 foot Telescope Peak. The vertical drop from the peak to the Badwater Basin is twice the depth of Grand Canyon.

89 miles / 6,000 ft. elevation gain

death valley

Day 5 - Artist's Drive

Cycling tour California Day 2

Our last ride of the week is a geological wonderland. Artist's Drive is a one lane road carved out of the side of the mountain. We climb up into the hills before diving down through canyons carved by flash-floods. A short ride from the one way scenic drive takes us back to the hotel where we can shower, pack up and say our goodbyes to an Epic week of cycling!

Fact - In July 1913 it hit 134°F (57°C) at what is now Furnace Creek Ranch. Although this was the world record at the time, it has since been exceeded by two degrees Fahrenheit at a weather station in Libya.

25 - 50 miles / 2,384 - 4,400 ft. elevation gain

death valley



Lunch on ride days is always included. On this Tour one group dinner is included and riders are free to dine where they wish for the remaining three, with suggested seating times for those wishing to dine with others. A continental breakfast is always included of Greek yogurt, a selection of natural cereals, Bagels, cream cheese, etc. Hot breakfasts are on your own and require eating early in the Lodge.

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