Had an amazing time on the tour. Everything was beyond my expectations!
- Justine Kline, Canada
* Crater Lake 2011
* Big Sur 2012

We had an excellent trip. The routes were challenging, flexible and have amazing views. Everyone received lots of personalized attention and accomplished their goals. Highest recommendation possible for the trip, company and guide. The quality could not have been better - well worth the time, effort and every single penny!
- Lynn S, TX
* Classic Sierras 2011
You choose the pace you want to ride at & the SAG van stops at regular intervals to ensure you always have the snacks & drinks you need. If you want the cycling adventure of a lifetime, look no further than Cycling Escapes.
- Gavin Davies, UK
* Utah 2009
* Yellowstone 2010
* Colorado 2010
I've been on several of this company's tours, namely, Southern Utah, the Volcanic Byways tour, Santa Monica climbing camp, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree and recently Lake Mead and the Valley of Fire. Every one was very well organized, with accurate route sheets, excellent accommodations, great food, etc. Great support and sag vehicle available for those who needed it. Highly recommended!
- Doug Dexter, CA
* Santa Monica 2010
* Palm Springs 2011
* Volcanic Byways 2011
* Southern Utah 2010

Thanks so much for an awesome week of cycling in the Agoura Hills last week. We had a great time and many good memories to take back to our snow-filled Alaska
- Jamie & John, AK
* Santa Monica 2012

The on ride support is about as good as it can be. The van pulls a trailer stocked with nearly everything a cyclist could want in terms of refueling. Sports drinks, bars, fruit, snacks, water, sodas are available at sag stops every 20 miles or so (less on a big climb).
- Rich F, CA
* Crater Lake 2015
* Crater Lake 2013
* Glacier Epic 2012
* Sierra Camp 2012
* Santa Monica '10-'13
* Utah 2010
* OR Coast 2010
* Volcanic 2009
* Death Valley 2009
* Solvang 2008

These tours provide exactly as promised, great riding that challenged me each day while providing breathtaking scenery and a truly memorable experience. Cycling Escapes provides great support. If you are looking for a week of serious riding with others who are like minded this is the ride for you.
- David E, NJ
* Utah 5 Parks 2010

These tours are designed for people that like to ride. Many tour companies only cover 35 - 45 miles per day. There was good ride support and I felt that I was always in good hands. If you like to ride and have an adventurous spirit, I definitely recommend a trip with Cycling Escapes
- Stan O, NE
* Utah 5 Parks 2011
* Crater Lake 2012

Our Bicycle Tours Are Designed For Experienced Cyclists
Our Bicycle Tours are geared for experienced cyclists who want a challenging road tour with higher mileage, but still want to ride in beautiful scenery, enjoy the comfort of nice hotels, eat at fine restaurants, and have superior support.

Our days average around 70 miles, and we usually include a century day on each tour. Most tours are 350-500 miles in distance.

We Are Very Experienced Supporting Bicycle Rides In Remote Locations
Providing support for a Tour that averages 70 miles a day and climbs over 30,000 feet in a week is a logistical challenge. We ride in very isolated areas and need to be fully self-contained. If you are looking for the best support possible, this is it.

The SAG is always there, even if itís just to get you over the top of a hill. SAG stops are set up at distances of around 20 miles, or at the tops of summits, and are indicated on our detailed route slips. This gives riders who may not have attempted something this big the chance to push a little farther than normal, knowing support is always available. Halfway through the ride is a lunch stop allowing everyone to fully refuel and regroup.

Support + Longer Routes
Supporting a 100 mile ride is more challenging than supporting a 30 mile ride. We know what kind of support we want, and we give you the same. We stock a full line of Power and Cliff bars, GUís, and energy drinks, such as Accelerade, Cytomax, Hammer and Endurox R4. The support trailer carries literally thousands of GU and Energy Bar choices, plus all the snacks you like. We stock all your favorite snacks and drinks in our trailer, because we ask you want you want when you register.

The trailer also carries tubes, tires, CO2 cartridges, spare parts, wheel sets and even spare bikes should you suffer any kind of mechanical breakdown. We donít charge for spare tubes or other minor spare parts. Tires can be purchased at cost.

The trailer is completely stocked with food, snacks, and drinks, including anything you indicated on your personal snack list, a Cycling Escapes exclusive. You can count on the best support possible. We know what you need because we are experienced long distance riders ourselves. We know what you want because we ask you.

Route Design
Our routes are designed around Scenic Byways and National Parks. We like to get off the main roads and blaze new and interesting rides. We never ride on highways, so we seek out quiet, traffic-free roads. If there is too much traffic on a road, we will not ride it.

We love history, so if there is a historical monument in the area, we will include it in the ride. And of course we love to climb, so we always include challenging mountain routes.

Great Hotels and National Park Lodges
Our routes include 5-8 night's lodging and are designed so that we start and stop at that night’s designated hotel.

We stay at very comfortable hotels and resorts and National Park Lodges, with a typical AAA 3-star rating. We seek out hotels with ambiance, attractive rooms and grounds, and a pool and Jacuzzi for relaxing in after the ride. If there is a special resort in the area, we will stay there.

When riding in the parks we stay at National Park lodges, which puts us in the heart of the parks we ride through. That way riders enjoy historical lodges that typically require booking a year in advance, something they might not do on their own. In very remote locations, we go out of our way to stay at the best accommodations possible. Sometimes they will not have a pool or Jacuzzi, but they will have character!

Breakfast & Dinners
On some Tours Breakfast & Dinner are included every night, on other tours riders are on their own for dinner. Check the information on the Left-Hand Sidebar for the Tour you are interested in.

When meals are included in the Tour we dine at the finest restaurant in the area, either a local town favorite or the National Park Lodge dining room.

On the nights riders dine on their own, we will suggest a preferred restaurant and dinner time, usually 6:00pm, for those who wish to eat as a group. Riders can choose between something simple for dinner or dine at the finest restaurant in the area.

Experienced Ride Leaders
Our Tour Leaders are experienced racers and long distance cyclists. Your head guide has 14 years experience leading tours, has an engineering degree and an MBA, and has been racing since 1998.

But donít let us give you the impression you will be riding with a group of racers! Everyone rides at their own pace, and there is no rush to get to the next SAG stop. Just enjoy the ride, with the assurance that the sweep is able to ride the route without too much effort, so he'll have plenty of energy left over to make sure you have everything you need.

Who Rides With Us?
The average rider on our tour is experienced and has the ability to ride 400 miles in a week. But many of our riders are there to challenge themselves, knowing they can count on our support.

Our tours typically average 10-15 riders, with a maximum of 25, so we can offer the support everyone deserves. Women account for around 40% of our riders, and on many tours the women outnumber the men. Most of our riders are between the ages of 35-65, with the average age being 50. The strongest riders tend to be the retired folks with lots of time to train!

10% Discount For Returning Riders
To show our appreciation, all previous Tour riders enjoy a 10% discount off the normal Tour price.

Generous Refund Policy
We want you to ride with us, not make money off cancellation fees, so we make it easy. Cancellations are no problem. Should you cancel for any reason up to 30 days before the start of the Tour there is a one time cancellation fee of $100 to cover the time spent on your registration.

If you cancel less than 30 days before the start of the Tour there is no refund. But, your remaining balance may be Transferred to any Tour in the future with No Time Limit. Just let us know when you are ready to ride.

No Transfer Fees
You may transfer to another tour at any time at no charge.

Traveling Alone
The tour price includes all lodging, double occupancy. If you are traveling alone and would like your own private room, our Single Supplement is very inexpensive. Otherwise, if you like we can try to pair you with a roommate.

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