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2024 Price


6 Days / 5 Nights

2024 Dates


Tour: 12 Spots


1 Group Dinner
5 Continental Brkfst

Not Included:
4 Dinners
Hot Breakfast

(Continental Breakfast items always available in Trailer: greek yogurt, cereal, bagels)

Single Room

Rider Limit
14 Rider Limit
Lake Las Vegas
Lake Mead
Valley of Fire
Hoover Dam
Kayak Black Canyon

Westin Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas

Start / Finish
Lake Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas

Arriving Early?
Uber, Taxi or Car Rental

Thank you for the most challenging, attentive and customized Tour I have ever been on.
- John Kozero

I have enjoyed all of the Cycling Escapes tours I have done, but I think the roads on this one were the best. And the people were great fun and a very interesting and entertaining group.
- Rich F, CA
* Crater Lake 2013

Had an amazing time on the tour. Everything was beyond my expectations!
- Justine K, Canada

I recently did the Lake Mead Tour with Cycling Escapes and will definitely return to do others!

All logistics were seemless and stress free with everything being thought of and planned for.

Highly recommended for those looking to do tougher cycling tours in wonderful scenery. The Lake Mead trip was a perfect winter getaway and delivered enormous amounts of pleasure from hours of riding on smooth, virtually traffic-free roads.

Serious cycling tours delivered by serious cyclists. Highly Recommend.

- Sandy C, Toronto
* Lake Mead 12'

Classic Cycling Tours of the Southwest

Lake Mead & Valley of Fire

6 Days • 360 Miles • 18,000' • $3,295.00

Tired of the cold weather? Then come spend a week cycling in the sunny Las Vegas oasis! On this 6 day bicycle tour, we ride along the edge of beautiful Lake Mead to the Valley of Fire, a towering vista of mountains and red rock. We'll also spend a day kayaking down the Colorado exploring canyons and hot springs, an adventure not to be missed.

2024 Cycling Route
Check-in & Orientation - 10:00am
River Mountains Loop Trail
Lake Mead
Valley of Fire & Lake Mead
Temple Bar / Hoover Dam
River Mountains Trail + Boulder City
Depart Friday

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Day 1 - Rivers Mountain Loop Trail

nevada cycling tour day 1

Our trip meets Sunday morning at the Westin Lake Las Vegas, a mediterranean style resort on the edge of Lake Mead and our Base Camp for the week.

From here we cycle around the River Mountains Loop Trail through the town of Boulder City and along Lake Mead. Our ride takes us along a beautiful 35 mile bike path that winds around the mountains and canyons. All bike - no traffic. With stunning views of Lake Mead.

41 miles / 2,900 ft. elevation gain

lake mead cycling tour route 1

Day 2 - Lake Mead

nevada cycling tour day 2

Starting from the Westin hotel in Lake Las Vegas, this bike tour rides around Lake Mead on our way to Valley of Fire. There is only one road along the shores of the lake and it is virtually car free during the week. The ride weaves in and out of red rock canyons where you'll feel like you are the only one on the road, except for the herds of wild horses. The road has just been repaved so it is smooth as silk. There are two optional out-n-back roads to lake views for those that want the extra miles. Our destination is the farm community of Overton, gateway to the Valley of Fire.

60-78 miles / 4,400 ft. elevation gain

lake mead cycling tour route 2

Day 3 - Valley of Fire & Lake Mead

nevada cycling tour day 3

Today we bike into the Valley of Fire park, following the route of the Tour de Fire. The road winds through red rock canyons and mountain vistas with almost no traffic. Stunning vistas await you on these quiet mountain roads as we ride down narrow canyons to the lake, passing by hot springs, mountain goats and red rock hoodoos. Words cannot convey how spectacular the scenery is. It's like a cross between Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon, but with no cars on the road. Click on the "Photo" link and you'll see what we mean!

Tonight we are back at the Westin for 3 more nights. If you didn't take the time on Sunday to stroll the Tuscan Village, do so now. There are some fun restaurants located within the Lake Village with views of the Lake.

89 miles / 5,829 ft. elevation gain

lake mead cycling tour route 3

Day 4 - Temple Bar & Hoover Dam

nevada cycling tour day 4

After a brief shuttle from our hotel, over the Hoover Dam, to a little traveled backroad on the far side of Lake Mead, we will ride our bikes down to Temple Bar, a marina that sits on the far northeast end of the lake near the Grand Canyon.

After the bike we will stop at the Hoover Dam so you can ride your bike over the newly completed bridge and check out the visitor center and Dam tour if you like history like we do.

50-75 miles / 2,500-4,500 ft. elevation gain

lake mead cycling tour route 4

Day 5 - Colorado River Kayak Adventure

nevada cycling tour day 5

After 4 days of cycling, we will give our legs a rest and kayak down the Colorado River, a unique trip that takes us far into the backcountry. We will be dropped off under the towering structure of the Hoover Dam, and we have all day to leisurely float and paddle down river to our pickup at the Willow Beach Marina.

Today is also a Cycling Escapes first, a tour day off the bike. Why? Because kayaking down the Colorado River is not something we can let you miss and still sleep at night! Early in the morning we will be dropped off on the lower side of Hoover Dam, a side nobody gets to see unless they take this river tour. Yesterday we were on top of the Dam, today we are below it. Check out the photos to see what we mean.

It takes about 3.5 hours of paddling to kayak the 12.5 miles down the Colorado River to the takeout point. But we will spend all day doing it as we stop in side canyons to hike up the slots and sit in natural hot springs. This really is worth a day off the bike. Trust us. But, if you just have to ride, the Lake roads beckon you from the hotel.

12.5 miles / 700 ft. elevation gain - All Upper Body Workout!

Day 6 - River Mountains Trail + Boulder City

nevada cycling tour day 6

Today we again bicycle along the amazing Lake Path, except this time we will hit it from a different direction that gives us a 9 mile climb up to historic Boulder City. We have a late checkout at our hotel, so there will be time to shower and pack before a shuttle to the airport, or the hotel of your choice if you are staying over in Las Vegas. We should arrive at the airport by 2:00pm.

50 miles / 4,000 ft. elevation gain

lake mead cycling tour route 5


Lunch on ride days is always included. On this Tour one group dinner is included and riders are on their own for the remaining, with suggested seating times for those wishing to dine with others. A continental breakfast is always included of Greek yogurt, a selection of natural cereals, Bagels, cream cheese, etc. Hot breakfasts are on your own and require eating early in the Lodges.

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