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2022 Price


2022 Dates

Aug 28 -

Sept 3

Sept Tour: FULL

7 Days / 6 Nights

2022 Meals

1 Group Dinner
6 Continental Brkfst

Not Included:
5 Dinners
Hot Breakfast

(Continental Breakfast items always available in Trailer: greek yogurt, cereal, bagels)
Single Room

415 miles

Elevation Gain
27,000 feet

Cascades Scenic Byway
McKenzie Pass SB
Aufderheide Drive
Cascade Lakes SB
Rouge Umpqua SB
Crater Lake

Crater Lake Video

Riverside Cottages
Old St Francis (2)
Crater Lake Lodge (2)
Best Western Oakridge

Dining Options
Crater Lake Lodge
Old St Francis
Bend downtown

Start / Finish
Cottage Grove, OR

Airport Shuttle
Portland, OR
Shuttle: Express

What distinguishes Cycling Escapes from other tours for me is: great routes on quiet roads with no traffic and plenty of climbing, a tour leader with 11 years experience that makes all the difference.
- Bruce T, IL
* Crater Lake 2014

Once again a great cycling trip! Thanks for your attention to detail, your sense of caution, and the great lodging. We can't wait for the Mystery Epic Tour!
- Debra W, WA
* Crater Lake 2014

As days are getting darker and colder in Portland, I am looking forward to planning my next trip with you guys.
- Davis T, OR
* Crater Lake 2013

Thanks Rich! What a great week of riding.
- Paul I, NJ
* Crater Lake 2013

Thanks again for a great week!
- John W, NC
* Crater Lake 2010

Thanks for another fun tour. You are 3 for 3 with good weather, good food and great riding.
- Debi, SC
* Crater Lake 2013

Your cycling tours are above and beyond!
- Mark, CO
* Crater Lake 2009

Appreciate all your attention to detail and your magical connection with the weather oracle. It was a challenging and enjoyable trip thanks to your doing!
- Kathy
* Crater lake 2011

Thanks for an awesome week!
- Sue, CA
* Crater Lake 2012

Thank you so much for making this a great cycling trip. The tour was so organized, well supported, and with attention to detail, we felt well taken care of. I especially appreciated the chocolates!
- Debra W, WA
* Crater Lake 2012

Awesome route selection and great weather. Excelelent accommodations and overall attention to detail. Crater Lake is a "must" for any bike rider.
- John H, CT
* Crater Lake 2012

The scenery was fantastic, the rodes empty, support wonderful and a group of people who quickly became friends. Will be back.
- John O, AZ
* Crater Lake 2012

Crater Lake- desolate well paved roads with breathtaking scenery and terrain. Exhilarating
- David E, NJ
* Crater Lake 2012

I did the Crater Lake tour in 2013 and had a wonderful time. This is a tour of contrasts, from lush green forests and rushing rivers in the Cascades, to spectacular lava fields on the Mackenzie Pass climb, to the indescribable beauty of Crater Lake.

This tour also features some of the quietest roads Ive ever come across, where you can ride 25 miles and not see a single car, other than the handy Cycling Escapes support van! We enjoyed roads like that on 4 different days, and even riding the main roads there was little traffic and usually a wide shoulder.

...Really unique accommodations. Two nights at the Crater Lake Lodge with its amazing views from the stone patio overlooking the lake, a night at a converted Catholic school in Bend, and spectacular cabins on the Mackenzie River where you can sip wine on your private deck literally 15 feet from the rushing water. A trip to remember (and maybe return to do again) for sure!

- Rich F, CA
* Crater Lake 2013
* Crater Lake 2015

One of the most outstanding things about this trip, aside from the beauty of Crater Lake, is how there are little paved roads through dense forest and the fact that Cycling Escapes managed to find them! A highlight was the day cycling up McKenzie Pass over several different landscapes and through the lava fields to the great little city of Bend. Bend is the perfect place to spend a day or two - great food, pubs, and outdoors activities - like paddle boarding down the Deschutes River. Crater Lake is a gorgeous phenomenon in the middle of nowhere, and the food at the Crater Lake Lodge is spectacular. This is one trip where a couple of the descents are as challenging as the inclines!
- Debbie A, Canada
* Crater Lake 2012

My friends and I have taken week-long summer cycling trips around the western states for the past eleven years, and Id say this Crater Lake Scenic Byways route is my favorite route varied scenery, challenging climbs and distances, and many of the roads had little or no traffic.
- Joe R, CO
* Crater Lake 2012

Cycling Escapes has great SAG stops. They really work hard at stocking what each group wants (They ask you what you want prior to the camp).
- Mike A

I just got back from a ride and thought what an appropriate name Cycling Escapes is. It was a pleasure escaping from the grind for a week with such a great group of folks. Thank you.
- Jenn R
* Crater Lake 2013

I've been on several of Cycling Escapes tours. Every one was very well organized, with accurate route sheets, excellent accommodations, great food, etc. The routes chosen, were low traffic and smooth pavement. Great support and sag vehicle available for those who needed it. Highly recommended!
- Doug D, CA
* 6 tour rider

I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic Cascades Scenic Byways tour. The lodging and dining were the best I have ever experienced on a bike tour.
- Kevin H
* 2007 Crater Lake

Oregon Crater Lake & 5 Scenic Byways!

7 Days • 5 Scenic Byways • 415 mi • 27,000' • $3,695

Lush ancient forests, water falls, covered bridges, lava fields, thundering rivers, sparkling lakes, snowcapped volcanic peaks, secret hot springs - the Oregon Cascades has it all!

On this Oregon cycling vacation we ride along quiet forest roads on the Cascades Scenic Byway, the Aufderheide Scenic Byway, the incredible McKenzie Pass Scenic Byway, through Bend, Oregon to the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, the Rogue Upmqua Scenic Byway, and around world famous Crater Lake, the only National Park in Oregon. They're called Scenic Byways for a reason!

We also stay 2 nights in Bend and 2 in Crater Lake Lodge so you can savor the experience!

2022 Route
Meet in Eugene at 8:00am
Cascades Scenic Byway
Aufderheide Scenic Byway
McKenzie Pass Scenic Byway
Bend - Layover Day
Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway
Crater Lake National Park
Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway
Return Shuttle to Eugene

Cycling Oregon Days 1-5

Cycling Oregon Days 1-4

Cycling Oregon Days 6-7

Cycling Oregon Days 5-6

Crater Lake & 5 Scenic Byways

Sunday - Meet in Eugene, Oregon

The Tour meets Sunday morning 8:00am at the Marriott Residence Inn in Eugene, Oregon. Riders should be ready to ride Sunday morning. At an early orientation we'll provide an overview for the week, hand out route slips, and answer any questions you have. A short shuttle takes us to the start of the ride in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Oregon Cycling Tour Day 1 - Cascades Scenic Byway

Cycling Oregon Day 1

On day one we bike from Cottage Grove Oregon along the Cascades mountains to the town of Oakridge, Oregon. The Cascade range is full of quiet one-lane Scenic Byways that wind through the mountains. Many of the roads we will be cycling, like this one, have little or no traffic at all. There will be some steep climbs reaching 10% in spots before we are rewarded with a long downhill into Oakridge. Dinner is included tonight at Mazatlan, a favorite Mexican place just off main street.

64 miles / 5,142 ft. elevation gain

Day 1 Oregon Bike Tou

Oregon Tour Day 2 - Aufderheide Scenic Byway

Day 2 Oegon Bicycle Tour

Day two finds us cycling on the Cascades Scenic Byway again, on a section known as the Aufderheide Memorial Drive. There are not too many places you can bike such a quiet scenic byway through this kind of old growth forest. We'll cycle through a grove of Redwood Trees, bike along a crystal blue lake, ride pass hot springs, and finally bike through a covered bridge on our way to the McKenzie Riverside Cottages, a collection of beautiful cabins along the banks of the Mckenzie river in Oregon.

65 miles / 3,444 ft. elevation gain

Day 2 Oregon Bike Tou

Day 3: McKenzie Pass Scenic Byway to Bend

Oregon Bicycle Tour

On day three of the tour we bicycle the spectacular McKenzie Pass Scenic Byway. It starts with a gradual 30 mile climb to the top of the pass where you'll be treated to views of volcanic lava flows and snow-capped mountains. After lunch at the top, enjoy a fast 7 mile descent down to the town of Sisters, Oregon. From here you have the option of shuttling to our hotel for the next 2 nights, the Old St. Francis Inn, or riding an additional 30 miles to Bend.

Dinner & Breakfast the next two nights are on your own, with Old Town Bend and dozens of restaurants in walking distance. Check out the links on the left for suggestions.

46-78 miles / 4,240-5740 ft. elevation gain

Day 3 Oregon Bike Tour

Crater Lake Tour Day 4: Layover Day in Bend

Bike Oregon Day 4

Today is a layover day in Bend. So spend the day exploring Old town right outside our door, or take a rafting trip, or float the Deschutes River in a tube, or ride out to Mt Bachelor or the waterfall, the day is yours to explore.

Crater Lake Tour Day 5: Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway

Bike Oregon Day 4

Today finds us cycling the entire Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway on our way to Crater Lake. The day starts with a classic local bike ride, leaving Bend and cycling up to Mount Bachelor. We then wind our way through the forest around numerous lakes with stunning mountain views. At the end of the ride, it's a short shuttle to our hotel for the next two nights, the world famous Crater Lake Lodge, a beautiful National Park Lodge overlooking the rim of Crater lake. Expect rocking chairs on the balcony overlooking the lake, and cocktails around a large roaring fireplace in the great hall.

Dinner and breakfast are on your own the next two days in the beautiful Crater Lake Lodge dining room (link on the left). Dine early or late, it's up to you. But if you'd like to dine with your fellow riders we suggest 6:00pm in the Lodge Dining Room overlooking Crater Lake.

76 miles / 4,505 ft. elevation gain

Day 5 Cycling Oregon

Oregon Cycling Tour Day 6 - Crater Lake National Park!

Cycling Oregon Crater Lake

Today we bike around Crater Lake! Ranked as one of the top one-day rides in the country, the volcanic formed lake is visible for most of the ride as we circle its' steep crater rim, ending back were we started for a second night at Crater Lake Lodge. Don't forget your camera because you'll want to take lots of pictures.

35 miles / 3,910 elevation gain

Day 5 Cycling Oregon

Cycling Escapes Day 7 - Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway

Cycling Oregon Tour

Our final day we cycle the Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway from Crater Lake to Cottage Grove, completing our Loop of the Cascade mountain range. This quiet Byway is famous for it's numerous waterfalls, rivers and hot springs. But get ready, because the ride begins with a 40 mile downhill! Then one last climb on a quiet forest road before we descend again into Cottage Grove, Oregon.

98 miles / 4,229 ft. elevation gain

Day 6 Cycling Oregon Tour

Return Shuttle to Portland, Oregon

The Cascade Mountains region is a land of contrasts. You'll ride through dense forest giving way to volcanic lava flows and blue shimmering lakes. Along the way we'll bike through covered bridges, take a dip in the local hot springs, visit a volcanic park, stay in beautiful resorts, dine at fine restaurants next to enchanting rivers, and cycle around world famous Crater Lake. What more can you ask from a bike ride?

At the end of today's bike ride, a short van shuttle brings us back to Eugene and our host hotel, where we say our goodbyes. Riders may choose to stay overnight or book a local shuttle back to Portland Saturday evening.


Lunch on ride days is always included. On this Tour 1 group dinner is included and riders are on their own for the remaining, with suggested seating times for those wishing to dine with others. A continental breakfast is always included of Greek yogurt, a selection of natural cereals, Bagels, cream cheese, etc. Hot breakfasts are on your own and require eating early in the Lodges.