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2022 Price


2023 Dates


June: 15 Spots

2022 Meals

1 Group Dinner
4 Continental Brkfst

Not Included:
3 Dinners
Hot Breakfast

(Continental Breakfast items always available in Trailer: greek yogurt, cereal, bagels)
6 Days / 5 Nights

Single Room

338 miles

Elevation Gain
20,248 feet

Rider Limit
15 Rider Limit
Sun Valley
Sawtooth NF
Top 10 Scenic Drives

Mountain Village
LimeLight Sun Valley

Dining Options
Sun Valley Dining

Start / Finish
Boise, ID

Airport / Hotel
Boise Airport
Holiday Inn

Thank you for another Amazing Tour! Such beautiful scenery. The support was great as usual! We didn't have to worry about anything except riding!
- Barb & Les, CA
* 2021

Another awesome trip! Everything was perfect as usual. Hope to join you again next summer.
- Debi & Andy, WA

Thank you so much. It's been a wonderful week. I look forward to my next tour with you.
- Julie, WA

I’m riding with Richard and Cycling Escapes again this year - and it will be my third ride with them. That pretty much says it all.

I spent 12 years in the Travel Industry, 5 of which as CEO of a very large UK Travel company, and I have zero tolerance for poor standards or over-promising.

I am very happy to recommend Richard and his team to you - their attention to detail is fantastic, and they really understand what cyclists at this level are looking for.  In particular, Richard has a unique skill of finding fabulous, un-populated roads.

It’s a great choice to ride with Cycle Escapes and I am 100% sure you will be happy.

- James H,
New Zealand

As days are getting darker and colder in Portland, I am looking forward to planning my next trip with you guys.
- Davis T, OR

Thanks Rich! What a great week of riding.
- Paul I, NJ

Thanks again for a great week!
- John W, NC

Thanks for another fun tour. You are 3 for 3 with good weather, good food and great riding.
- Debi, SC

Your cycling tours are above and beyond!
- Mark, CO

Appreciate all your attention to detail and your magical connection with the weather oracle. It was a challenging and enjoyable trip thanks to your doing!
- Kathy

Thanks for an awesome week!
- Sue, CA

Awesome route selection and great weather. Excelelent accommodations and overall attention to detail.
- John H, CT

The scenery was fantastic, the rodes empty, support wonderful and a group of people who quickly became friends. Will be back.
- John O, AZ.

My friends and I have taken week-long summer cycling trips around the western states for the past eleven years, and Id say this Scenic Byways route is my favorite route varied scenery, challenging climbs and distances, and many of the roads had little or no traffic.
- Joe R, CO

Cycling Escapes has great SAG stops. They really work hard at stocking what each group wants (They ask you what you want prior to the camp).
- Mike A

I just got back from a ride and thought what an appropriate name Cycling Escapes is. It was a pleasure escaping from the grind for a week with such a great group of folks. Thank you.
- Jenn R

I've been on several of Cycling Escapes tours. Every one was very well organized, with accurate route sheets, excellent accommodations, great food, etc. The routes chosen, were low traffic and smooth pavement. Great support and sag vehicle available for those who needed it. Highly recommended!
- Doug D, CA

I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic Cascades Scenic Byways tour. The lodging and dining were the best I have ever experienced on a bike tour.
- Kevin H

Bike Sun Valley & the Sawtooths!

6 Days • 3 National Forests • 2 Scenic Byways • 348 mi • $2,945

Lush forests, thundering rivers, sparkling lakes, jagged mountain peaks, secret hot springs and a beautiful resort town - the Sun Valley Cycling Tour has it all!

On this Idaho cycling vacation we depart Boise and bike the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway to Stanley, gateway to the mighty Salmon River. From there we cycle the Sawtooth Scenic Byway into Ketchum and the beautiful Sun Valley, where we'll stay 3 nights in the center of town so you can savor the experience of this wonderful mountain resort.

2022 Route
Meet in Boise at 8:00am
Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway
Sawtooth Scenic Byway
Sun Valley - Wood River Trail
Sun Valley - Off Day
Sawtooths - Galena Pass - Stanley
Sawtooth Scenic Byway
Return Shuttle to Boise

Cycling Route

Cycling Idaho

2022 Idaho Cycling Tour

Monday - Meet in Boise, Idaho

The Tour meets Monday morning 8:00am in Boise at the Holiday Inn Boise Airport, Idaho. Riders should be ready to ride Monday morning. At an early orientation we'll provide an overview for the week, hand out route slips, and answer any questions you have. A short shuttle takes us to the start of the ride in Idaho City.

Idaho Cycling Tour Day 1 - Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway

Cycling sun valley Day 1

This is the biggest day of the tour! We start our bike ride just north of Idaho City, climbing up through the Boise National Forest along the Ponderosa Pines Scenic Byway to the town of Stanley, on the banks of the Salmon River. Stanley has a population of 63 and is touted as the Trailhead to Adventure.

81 miles / 6,245 ft. elevation gain

Day 1 Idaho Bike Tou

Idaho Cycling Tour Day 2 - Sawtooth Scenic Byway

Day 2 Sawtooth Bicycle Tour

Labeled one of the Top 10 Scenic Roads in the Northern Rockies, day two finds us cycling on the Sawtooth Scenic Byway as we make our way toward Ketchum and Sun Valley. We start out riding beside the Salmon River. The jagged peaks of the Sawtooth Range tower above us. It is a good day to ride.

We stay the next 3 nights at the Limelight Hotel, the newest hotel right in the heart of Ketchum. Dinner is on your own in Ketchum, with more fantastic dining options within walking distance then you will have time to savor.

62 miles / 2,619 ft. elevation gain

Day 2 Idaho Bike Tou

Sun Valley Cycling Tour Day 3: Wood River Trail

Cycling Idaho Tour

On day three of the tour we bike the Wood River Trail bike path from Ketchum, through Hailey and ending in Bellevue. We turn around here and head back to Sun Valley for 33 miles of gorgeous paved paths intended for bikes. A short detour around Sun Valley Resort wraps up our 40 mile ride. Stop along the way and grab lunch at Powerhouse Bikes in Hailey, a beer pub and a bike shop.

Cycling Idaho Tour

40 miles / 1,200 ft. elevation gain

Day 6 Cycling Idaho Tour

Sun Valley Cycling Tour Day 4: Optional Day Off - Explore!

Bike Idaho

Rest your legs, today is a day off! Take time to explore the town, wander it's shops and bars, raft the Salmon River, go for a hike on the hundreds of miles of trails, or rent a mountain bike and ride those trails. Take the ski lift to the top of Bald Mountain.

Sun Valley Cycling Tour Day 5 - Sawtooths - Galena Pass

Cycling sawooth

Today we bike back into the Sawtooth Mountains climbing to the summit of Galena Pass. This is the local favorite ride from town. From there we drop down the other side to the Salmon River before following it back to Stanley for our second stay in this little mountain resort.

62 miles / 4,800 ft. elevation gain

Day 5 Cycling Sun Valley

Idaho Cycling Tour Day 6 - Sawtooth Scenic Byway

Cycling Idaho Tour

Our final day we bicycle the Sawtooth and Ponderosa Pines Scenic Byways back toward Boise with Epic views the entire day. Ride the entire 91 miles to Idaho City or choose a shorter option. From Idaho City it is a short 50 minute shttle back to Boise.

91 miles / 5,384 ft. elevation gain

Day 6 Cycling Idaho Tour

Return Shuttle to Boise

After the bike ride today we shuttle back to Boise where we say our goodbyes. Riders may choose to stay overnight or fly out Saturday evening. if you are staying overnight you will need to book your own hotel.


Lunch on ride days is always included. On this Tour 1 group dinner is included and riders are on their own for the remaining, with suggested seating times for those wishing to dine with others. A continental breakfast is always included of Greek yogurt, a selection of natural cereals, Bagels, cream cheese, etc. Hot breakfasts are on your own and require eating early in the Lodges.


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