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2024 Dates

Nov 18-22

2025 Dates

Feb 10-14
Apr 7-11

2024 Price
Climbing Camp Only: $695.00 includes full ride support, guide, route slips, 3-4 SAG stops, lunch Mon-Thr

Dinner & Breakfast on your own

Book your own Hotel (see lodging below)
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Trail Run Camps
Santa Monica Mtns
68mi Backbone Trail

Rider Limit
30 Rider Limit
Santa Monica Mts
Malibu Creek Park
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Book Your Own

Westlake Village
(Host Hotel)
Registered Riders: $209

Hampton Inn
Homewood Suite


Malibu Creek Park

Zin Bistro
Lady Face
Figueroa Brewery
The Old Place

Start / Finish
Westlake Village, CA
(Map to Start)
LAX -37 miles
Burbank -30 miles

Shuttle Services: Primetime

I have been to camps all over the world. This was awesome. You will be seeing a lot of me.
- Doron, NJ
* 2020

Best Camp Ever
- Matt, Whistler
* 2018

The Coolest Cycling Tour company in the World.
- Jimmy Matt, Arizona
* 2018

Thanks for a great trip. Working on friends to go on another epic cycling escapes next year.
- Bob Stapleton, CA
2011, '12, '13, '14, '17

It was great to meet some new peeps and have great snacks and support along the way. There will definitely be some repeat visits to this WICKED place.
- Katie F, Calgary
* 2015, '16, '17

I wanted to thank you, Adam, and Erica. Your climbing camp kicked off my training for ironman, and now I am an Ironman. Thank you.
- Davis T, Texas
* 2017

The camp was awesome. So nice to meet some new friends who have a serious cycling bug and enjoy a challenge. It was a great kickoff to my upcoming racing season and I've finally managed to crack the descent code!
- Garth McKay, OR
'14, '15, '16, '17, '19

That was a great week! I got some solid miles and climbing under my wheels. I've been trying to think about what I will miss most, the screaming switchbacks that pull water streaming from my eyes, sliced fresh avocado after a grind back up a climb, kites and hawks circling the thermals, a long hot shower after a day in the saddle. I think, mostly, I'm going to miss you guys. Like-minded cyclists who sign up for a climbing camp - something my coworkers have never heard of - who come out to ride, enjoy the sun, and challenge yourself. I got back to New York Saturday night with 2 inches on the ground. Oh, the joy.
- Bruce S, NY
* Feb 2015

This will be my third time and I can't wait. Looking forward to working hard and enjoying the view!
- Michael, Vancouver
* 2012, '13, '14

I can honestly say that the week I spent riding in Santa Monica was one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life.
- Don Brazelton
* Mar 2011

Arlene and I had so much fun in March at the Santa Monica Climbing Camp, I am thinking of coming down in November for another go around with you guys.
- Mark P, Canada
* Mar 2012

The roads are very quiet with almost no traffic. I spent an hour climbing Latigo Canyon and was passed by not a single car. The views rival the Alps, very different but spectacular. Most of the climbs switchback up the sides of mountains so you get a real sense of how high up you are, looking down at the road and ocean far below.
- Richard F
* 2010, '11, '14, '15

Did the Santa Monica Mountains Climbing Camp - amazing experience! Perfect location for off season training, the routes are challenging, but rewarding with fantastic views and the roads are very cyclist friendly. Awesome!
- Amalas W, UK
* Jan 2012

It has been over a week now since our 'camp' but wanted to write you all. We returned to Vermont on Tuesday, to not very good weather. However, the glow of sunny CA and the images of all the great rides and vistas remain with us.
- Robert B, VT
* Apr 2011

Thanks again for an outstanding 5 days of riding. I went out there thinking I'd probably do 3 days of riding. Still not sure how I managed to ride every day, but I'm so glad I did. The scenery was outstanding. I'm already checking out some of the other trips you offer.
- Jennifer H, Canada
* Apr 2011

Just a quick note to thank you for the climbing camp and all of your input. I had a blast and loved the riding. I have already planned for next year and am planting seeds with others to join me.
- Hayden J, NY
* Mar 2013

That was a fun ride. The sights were beyond description, the roads were great, the rides were exceptional and you, Michael and Eric were hard working. I am looking forward to my next ride with you.
- Glen O, CA
* 2012

Great camp! Can't beat the hills and the scenery. Highly recommended!
- Max L, NY
* Mar 2011

About Cycling Escapes...I don't think I can rave and promote it enough!
- Monique S, NV
* 2012

I wanted to thank you for putting together such a great climbing camp. We both loved it. One of the people we know just finished your Utah 5 Parks route and he highly recommended the trip.
- Dr. Lauren Wright
* Mar 2014

Not only was I prepped for the BTC climbs, I was also in shape enough to do all 5 passes of the Death Ride without additional training. Very cool. Going again in April.
- Diane S, CA
* 2011, '14, '15

California Cycling Climbing Camps

Santa Monica Mountains

5 Days • 287 mi • 30,000' Elevation Gain • $695.00

Celebrating 20 years of Cycling Camps in the Santa Monica Mountains! Why spend the winter spinning on a trainer or riding in the cold when you can join our cycling training camp in the mountains of southern California! Climb all day in warm weather and blue skies.

2024 Route
A Ride
B Ride
Elev Gain
Arrive Westlake Village, CA
Rockstore / Yerba Buena / Decker
Piuma / Old Topanga / Fernwood
Potrero / PCH / Mulholland
Santa Monica Mountains Traverse
Westlake / Latigo Canyon
Depart Fri @ Noon or Stay over

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Road Bike Action

Many pro cycling teams are using the Santa Monica Mountains in California for their winter and spring training camps and now you can too.

The Santa Monica's tower above Malibu and the Pacific Coast like a jewel carved just for cyclists. We climb all the classic passes from Westlake Village and Calabasas to Malibu and back. The climbs range from 3-10 miles with grades averaging 6-7% and sections of 8-15%. Each day choose between an A or B Route for difficulty.

This California Cycling Camp includes all our great SAG support during the ride, all the snacks and drinks you want in our Trailer, unlimited energy products, a lunch stop, route slips, guides and van support. Riders are responsible for booking their own hotel, and meals when not riding.

Cycling Camp California map

All rides start and end at the Westlake Village Inn. Choose your own basecamp for the week. See the hotel and dining links on the left sidebar to plan your week.

Westlake Village Inn is the nicest hotel in the area, and is also the Host Hotel for the Camp. It sits on a lake and golf course, and all rooms face the ouside, so you can ride right to your door. For Registered Riders on the Camp the rate is $209-$259 (normally $359+).

There are many other nearby hotels, links to the Left. The Hampton Inn is 2 miles from the Westlake Inn. Homewood Suites & Residence Inn have kitchens and are about 1-3 miles away.

LAX is the biggest airport in southern California, although Burbank is closer. Drive time from LAX to Agoura Hills is about 45 minutes - 2 hours with traffic. Plan your arrival time accordingly. Riders need to arrange their own shuttle from the airport (see link on the sidebar). We recommend renting a car for the week in order to sightsee and meet the group for dinner.

California Cycling Camp 2024 Schedule

Monday - Meet in Westlake Village, California

We'll meet in Westlake Village Monday morning at 8:00am. First we have a brief orientation where we'll provide an overview for the week, hand out route slips, make introductions, and answer any questions you have. We begin riding by 8:30am.

Cycling Camp California Latigo

Sample Schedule

8:00am             Orientation (Hotel)
8:30am             Ride Start (Leave from Hotel)
2:00pm             End
5:00pm             Dinner

Cycling Camp Day 1 - Rockstore / Yerba Buena / Decker

Cycling Camp California Day 1

Our Cycling camp starts off with three famous bike climbs in the area: Rockstore on Mulholland, Yerba Buena and Decker. Yerba Buena is a gradual climb on a quiet canyon road to the highest point in the Santa Monica Mountains. Decker includes a 1/2 mile section with grades up to 16%. There is an optional 5 mile additional climb for those feeling fresh. Did we mention you might want to have a compact with at least a 28-32 cassette?

58 miles / 6,800 ft. elevation gain

Cycling Camp California Day 1 Route

Day 2 - Piuma / Old Topanga / Fernwood

Cycling Camp California Day 2

Piuma may be one of the most scenic bike climbs in all of southern California. It follows a thin ridge up the mountains to top out with 360 degree views all around. It's also 5 miles of 6-10% grades. Rest up on the descent because Fernwood is another 5 mile bike climb that starts with 10-12 % grades.

59 miles / 7,000 ft. elevation gain

Cycling Camp California Day 2 Route

Day 3 - Potrero / Pacific Coast Highway / Mulholland

Cycling Camp California Day 3

Potrero road winds through horse ranch country on it's way out to the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). From here we cruise south down the coast of Malibu along the Pacific Ocean for 14 miles of beautiful beaches before climbing up Mulholland Canyon to the top of the Santa Monica Mountains. From here it's an easy cruise back to the start for a 50 mile, 3,500 foot climbing day. Or if your feeling strong, drop back down to sea level and hit another climb before calling it a day.

50 miles / 3,500 ft. elevation gain

Cycling Camp California Day 3 Route

Day 4 - Santa Monica Mountains Traverse

Cycling Camp California Day 4

This is the big ride. We'll cycle Mulholland all the way out to the Pacific Coast Highway, then hit most of the classic climbs from a central staging area. During the course of the ride we'll summit Rock Store, Mulholland and Yerba Buena. And if you have the legs for it, you can add Latigo Canyon to the feat, a local favorite. You just completed day four of your California Cycling Camp and it's bigger than most one day events.

3 Choices: 47 miles & 4,800' OR 75-80 miles & 8,000' - 10,500' elevation gain

Cycling Camp California Day 4 Route

Day 5 - Westlake / Zuma Beach / Latigo Canyon

Cycling Camp California Day 3

Westlake starts with a short 18% pitch. Enough said. After the climb, cruise down the coast along Zuma Beach and out to the cliffs of Point Dume. Latigo Canyon is one of the classic cycling climbs in the area, at just over nine miles in length, with steady grades and constant views of the Pacific Ocean. Many cyclists consider it their favorite climb in the Santa Monica Mountains. It's also the last climb on this Epic Camp!

45 miles / 4,600 ft. elevation gain

Cycling Camp California Day 3 Route

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